After the fall of Konstantinoupolis at the D Crusade (1204) Latins, Franks founded the Latin Empire of Romania and distributed as conquerors in Greece. In 1249 William Villeardouinos realizing the strategic value of Mystras, built in this the castle.The name of it "Mystras" ,probably came from the person who owned the hill, who called Myzithras.

In 1262 Mystras came in to Byzantine Empire. Since then and until 1460 that fell into the hands of the conqueror Mohammed ,Mystras is administrated by two imperial families , Katakouzinos and Palaiologos. Last Despot of Mystras was Konstantinos Palaiologos, the so-called Dragasis, from 1443 until 1449, when it was crowned emperor of Byzantium in 12th March of 1449 at Mystras, in the church of St. Demetrius.

Konstantinos Palaiologos defended with heroism the Konstantinoupolis and fell heroically in the battle in 29th May of 1453. The Mystras Despotate, as capital of the Peloponnese ,is one of the most important bulwarks of Greeks. A major political and military educational centre. Very important in these years was the activity of the philosopher Plithonas Gemistos, who founded a philosophical school and influenced with his teaching the Greek thought, even in the years of Turkish rule.


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